OLPC XO 1.75 : ARM Marvell SoC based XO Laptop

Remember OLPC ? It was the ambitious One Laptop Per Child project which aimed at providing low-cost, low-powered laptops to under-privileged children around the wold.

Arguably, OLPC’s XO Laptop was one of the first mainstream Netbooks, despite the fact that it was not commercially available to consumers for quite some time after it’s release. OLPC XO 1.75

At CES 2011 this year, OLPC finally declared their 3rd generation XO Laptop, christened XO 1.75 .

The XO 1.75 has Marvell’s ARM SoC. Marvell’s 610 Armada platform consists of an ARM based application processor in the 1 GHz range, capable of 1080p, full-HD encode, decode, and 3D graphics capability.

OLPC’s CTO, Edward McNierney, confirms OLPC’s strategy of pushing the PC/Laptop industry towards ARM support for lower power consumption and lower prices through increased competition and optimized SoC designs.

Here’s hoping OLPC has a great year ahead.