OCZ Launches Vertex Turbo SSD’s

OCZ had recently launched the Agility series of SSD’s and today OCZ have launched another new line-up of SSD the Vertex Turbo’. OCZ Vertex series of SSD’s have been quite a hit and no other SSD manufacturer has been able to match the popularity of the Vertex series of SSD’s from OCZ in terms of Sales. The OCZ Vertex Turbo SSD’s comes equipped with Barefoot memory controller manufactured by Indilinx, a Korean company, which offers a very good read/write performance at a very affordable price.

The OCZ Vertex Turbo comes in capacities of 30GB, 60GB, 120GB and 250GB. The Barefoot controller has been overclocked by OCZ and is now running at 180Mhz instead of the usual 166MHz found in the Vertex Series of SSD’s. Unlike the Vertex series, in the Vertex Turbo series of SSD’s the top of the line 250GB SSD gives the best read/write performance achieving speeds of upto 270MB/sec and 210MB/sec respectively. There has been no mention about pricing but looking at the 10-20% performance increase, the Vertex Turbo SSD’s will be available at a premium of 10-15% over the Vertex SSD’s. OCZ has also increased the warranty from 1 year to 3 years for its Vertex and Summit series of SSD’s including the SSD’s already sold to the customers. The increase in warranty of SSD only gives an example of how much OCZ trust their products which definitely is a good sign.

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