OCZ Launches "Agility" Series Of SSDs

OCZ has been one of the few SSD manufacturer’s who have been extremely successful with their Vertex SSD series of line-up. Today OCZ launched another new series of Solid State Drive called “Agility” which uses Indilinx Controller which is made from a little known Korean based company. The Controller offers superb Value for Money and provides superb read/write, random read/write speed which is not provided by any other Controller present in the market.

11310_agility_bigThe “Agility” series have 64MB of DRAM cache, and have a read/write speed of 230MB/s and 135MB/s respectively. The NAND Flash memory used in the drive is rumoured to be a MLC X4 due to the low price of the drive. The MLC X4 NAND chips recently went into production from Toshiba and Sandisk. The Prices of the “Agility” series of SSD is still unknown but if rumour’s are to be believed it will cost only a few bucks more than the “Apex” Series of SSD’s from OCZ.

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