Nvidia GT300 Specifications and Launch Date

Nvidia today provided information about their upcoming next-gen graphics card along with some pictures of it. The upcoming Nvidia GT300, supporting Dx11, graphics card will be based on the ‘Fermi’ architecture. Cards based on these architecture will be competing directly with ATi’s recently released HD5xxx series graphics card.

The GT300video card tesla GT3005 chip has more than 3 billion transistors along with 512 shaders. It also features a 384 bit memory bus bandwith and will use GDDR5 memory chips. Nvidia GT300 will also be the first graphics core until now to support ECC memory. The card will receive the required power from either a 6 pin connector or a 8 pin one. Nvidia also said that the maximum power consumption of cards based on GT300 core will not be more than their previous generation cards. These cards will also be Tri-Sli capable so you can add 3 of these monsters for an awesome gaming experience.

Nvidia also said that the ‘Fermi’ architecture is highly flexible and it will be used to power Nvidia’s Quadro, Tesla and Geforce based Graphics Card variants even though their consumer base is very different from each other. It is expected that cards based on GT300 will not be launched before Q1 of 2010.

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