NVIDA Finally Launches 40nm Notebook Graphics Card

NVIDIA today has announced 5 new mobile GPU’s built on the 40nm fabrication process. NVIDIA’s arch rival, AMD/ATi had launched the HD4860 and HD4830 way back in march which were the first 40nm Mobile GPU on the market. ATi was also the first Graphics Card manufacturer to launch a 40nm GPU HD4770 which has seen tremendous success after its launch.

NVIDIA is finally catching up with Ati and today they announced 5 new Mobile GPU’s namely – the GTS 260M, GTS 250M, GT 240M, GT 230M and G210M. All these Mobile GPU’s have been made using 40nm fabrication process which translates into lower power consumption and better performance. These new GPU’s are based on the GTS200 architecture and supports Dx10.1 and Shader Model 4.1. These GPU also come equipped with GDDR5 Memory which offer higher memory clock speed and bandwith while comsuming less power. All the 5 GPU’s come in MXM3 interface which means that notebooks which will come with these GPU’s can be removed to upgrade the GPU’s, but this solely depends on the choice of the OEM whether he wants to use the MXM3 interface or not. The GTS 260M which is the top end card out of the 5 has a max TDP of 38W while the G210M which is the entry level card here has a max TDP of 14W. Except for the G210, all the other cards are equipped with 1GB GDDR5 RAM

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