Notion Ink Adam Gets Another Software Update

The highly controversial tablet from a start-up in India Notion Ink Adam has got another software update. This is the second software update for the Notion Ink Adam since its release in January this year.

Unlike the first update which soft bricked some Adam tablets out there, this update is totally safe. This update is mainly aimed at improving the performance and fixing the bugs found in the present firmware.


Below is the partial change-log :

• General and application specific stability issues addressed.
• Panel view stability improved.
• Added Discard Updatefeature.
• Downloaded update file verification on completed download.
• New dialog box added to choose network connection while updating.
• Save location of update.js modified; now stored in shared memory.
• Download of new update deletes existing update files, if any.
• Fixed crashing issue while plugging / unplugging external keyboard.
• Resolved GPS coordinate issues.
• Help files updated.

• Fixed tab switching focus and stability issues.
• Fixed inconsistent tab count display in case of multiple tabs fixed.
• Address bar functionality change tapping Xwill now clear the URL present when in edit mode; else it stops the current page loading.
• Fixed issues with URLs starting with `http://’ and www.’.

• Resolved issues regarding Update Adamfeature.

• In Text mode,
• italics for Droid Sans does not exist, so this feature has been disabled for this font.
• 1px size text was not visible; it is now fixed.
• Adam would restart an activity when keyboard is connected, this issue has been resolved.

The full change-log is pretty huge and can be found here.

From the software side, things are looking good for Notion Ink. Early reviews of the Adam suggest that people love the EDEN UI.   However, from the hardware side it’s a total disaster.

The start-up has had to delay the shipping of the tablet numerous times for various reasons including camera problems and touch screen not working etc.

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