Nook Color Rooted

The Nook Color was launched about 1.5 months back. I wouldn’t recommend buying it over an Amazon Kindle 3, if you want an ebook reader, but with an 800 MHz processor, it does make a very good Android tablet, especially since it is priced at just $249.

Since the Nook Color uses a customized version of Android, many modders had been trying to root it, to be able to install apps and games on it. Now, it seems, that the Nook Color has finally been rooted.

The guys over at XDA have successfully rooted the Nook Color and have managed to run quite a few apps on it. Here’s a screenshot of Angry Birds, running flawlessly on the Nook Color.

Nook Color Running Angry Birds

Here’s a tutorial to root the Nook Color, if you’re interested – NookDevs

via XDA

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