Nook: Barnes & Noble Launches The Coolest eBook Reader

It was Sony that introduced the first ever digital book reader; followed by Amazon Kindle which took the market by storm with its lower price and rich features. However, they both are bound to get some serious competition as Barnes & Noble just announced their eBook reader called “Nook”.

Nook, is one of the coolest gadgets that you’ll get to try for a price hovering just over $250. With its Android based technology, Nook is being claimed as the most advanced eBook reader. With a compact size, built-in wireless and 3G, a 2 GB storage, microSD expansion slot, a USB port and support for PDFs, Nook might be the sexiest gadget for a long while.

When they say advanced book reader, they are talking about features such as making notes, bookmarking and highlighting text. Nook also introduces a lending feature where books can be lent to other readers or capable devices.

Techie-Buzz Verdict:

Even though Nook comes with a lot of promises and hopes, there is still an air of uncertainty around factors such as reliability and user-friendliness based on the fact that Barnes & Noble does not have a history of producing consumer electronics. If there are no surprises in the hardware and no out-of-the-blue bugs, Nook will be a tough competitor for Amazon Kindle and Sony.

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