Nokia Announces A 3G Capable Netbook….Booklet

Nokia Announces A 3G Capable Netbook….Booklet

Mobile Manufacturer’s are jumping into the Computer market with their own Netbook offerings and the first one in this race is none other than the biggest Mobile phone manufacturer in the world, Nokia. Nokia today released a video of their upcoming Netbook..Booklet. The Nokia 3G Booklet uses the same processor used by thousands other Netbook present in the market, namely the Intel Atom N280 processor. Watch the video below to know more about Nokia 3G Booklet.

The Netbook features the usual wifi, 10″ LCD screen, Bluetooth and an inbuilt camera. What sets this Booklet apart from the competition is an inbuilt HDMI port featuring HD output. Nokia’s 3G Booklet is also one of its kind to feature an inbuilt GPS receiver and a 3G/HSDPA modem. The Netbook is only 20mm thick and weighs in around 1.25kg and Nokia has also promised an astonishing battery life of 12 hours.

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