Next Apple TV To Be Sold For $99, Will Work On iPhone OS

With Google TV being the center of the attention since last week or so, people have started terming Apple TV as a relative failure. Not so fast friends. As the popular blog Engadget reports, Apple TV is coming back with a bang with a bag full of surprises.

Not only will the next version of Apple TV be smaller, it will also be based on cloud storage and will work with the iPhone OS. However, the most surprising part of the news is the price. This next Apple TV is supposed to sell for $99. With this low price and new features, Apple TV will have a greater chance to penetrate the living room market and more so if it is launched before the recently hyped Google TV.  The Apple TV will have the A4 CPU just like iPhone 4 and will stream videos upto 1080p HD. The shape and size of the device is also supposed to resemble an iPhone and will come with very few ports.

There is no information yet about a possibility of third-party apps similar to iPhone or iPad, but something like this cannot be ruled out given that it has become a significant source of revenue for Apple. Moreover, availability of apps on the Apple TV will make it more attractive for an average customer who will then be able to optimize the viewing experience on his large TV screen.

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[Image Credit Engagdet]

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