New Casio Cameras: EX-FC150 P&S And EX-FH25 Superzoom

Casio today announced two new digital cameras that supersede their previous models. The announcement was made in Japanese so we have to rely on Google Translator’s clemency to understand the press report. Thanks Google.

The EX-FC150, apart from the befuddling name, is a pretty good point and shoot compact. It is a successor to the equally wickedly-named EX-FC100 and features a new backlit CMOS sensor with 10 million pixels. The EX-FC150 retains  the 5x optical zoom and sensor-shift image stabilization from its predecessor. With a 2.7 inch LCD screen, the camera will also sport 720p video recording at 30 frames a second.


On the other hand, the EX-FC150’s big brother EX-FH25 is a superzoom camera. (Do you notice the similarity of names of these brothers? I assume their whole family has such out of the world names.) With a similar backlit CMOS sensor, the EX-FH25 can zoom upto 20x at 10MP. Like its younger sibling, it can also shoot 720p HD video at 30fps and both cameras can shoot video at a mouth-staggering frame rate of 1000fps at a mouth-shut resolution of 224×34.


You can find both of these cameras in the stores on November 27. We can’t tell you about the prices though, because that’s supposed to be surprise. Oh, no wait. Even Google Translator didn’t know that, so how can we?

Thanks Engadget and 1001NoisyCameras

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