Motorola Goes Nuts; Prices Motorola Xoom at $1199

The Motorola Xoom, the first “Google Experience” Android tablet which was announced at CES 2011 is supposed to launch soon, by the end of February. Until now, almost all the rumors pointed that the Motorola Xoom would be priced at $799. The figure was a bit high, but considering that the comparable 32 GB iPad 3G sold for around the same price, it was understandable. Even so, the general consensus was that a lower price point would be much helpful in boosting sales of the Xoom, especially when many similar Android tablets are set to launch soon after the Xoom.

Motorola Xoom

Today, Best Buy has officially listed the Motorola Xoom on its site, and it is priced at a mind-bogglingly high $1199. That’s almost 65% higher than the 32 GB 3G iPad. You could also get two Samsung Galaxy Tabs for that price. Motorola is literally inviting competitors to come and take away the advantage it had in the Android tablet space due to the early launch. For Motorola’s sake, I hope that it’s either a joke or an error by Best Buy. Or maybe Motorola is trying to exploit the early adopters and will drastically drop prices when the other tablets like the LG Optimus Pad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 launch. Who knows!

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