Microsoft To Cease Xbox Live Support For Original Xbox Tonight

Microsoft will be killing the Xbox live service for the original Xbox tonight. Microsoft had launched the original Xbox live service, along with the original Xbox gaming console way back in 2002. Xbox live was the first major successful online gaming service. Obviously, the Xbox 360 will still be supported. Though the games which were supported at the launch of the service in 2002, won’t be supported from now.  This move is definitely a step forward. After the Xbox live service on the original Xbox will be phased out, the 100 friends cap will be removed from the service.


Support for classic multi-player games like Battlefront 2, Crimson Skies, and the highly popular Halo 2 will be ceased as well. Owners of the original Xbox gaming console can still play games in the offline (single player) mode. Though, they will definitely be missing the fun of playing multi-player games online like Halo 2 etcetera. This move will allow Microsoft to add new features in the Xbox live, which the older Xbox could not support.

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