So How Do You Like a 37.5 Megapixel Camera That Ain’t Cheap?

It is often said that megapixels are not everything. Well yes, there’s truth in that statement. But you can’t just ignore a camera that boasts of megapixels no other camera has ever dreamt of, right? Behold, this is the Leica S2.


This battleship blows the bubbles of every other drowning ferry. This full-frame DSLR mounts 37.5 Megapixels atop an enormous 30×45mm sensor that is astronomically 56% larger than most common DSLR cameras. Though not many specification details have been released yet, more information is expected to be released by early August. The S2 is expected to be in the market by September/October.

Now let’s check out the point that’s creating the most buzz, second to the megapixels. Price.

Although, the price hasn’t been officially finalized yet, the Leica S2 is expected to sell for a mind-boggling £16000 or ~$27000 (body only)

All things can’t be bought from money, for the rest like these, you’d have to dig your credit card pretty hard, pretty hard!

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Keshav Khera

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