Leaked: Nvidia Geforce G210 GPU-Z Screenshots

The guys over at PC Games Hardware managed to get their hands on the Nvidia G210 and have posted few screen shots of the benchmarks they have taken. First of all the here is a pic of the GPU-Z detecting the graphics card.

gt218 nvida 40 nm -2

From the GPU-Z screen shot it is clear that the G210 is based on the GT218 core. The use of 512MB GDDR2 memory and the 64bit band with signifies that   this card is going to be a low-end one. Also another thing to be noted here is that the G210 is the first card from Nvidia which is built on the 40nm fabrication process. Surprisingly even though this card will be a low-end one, it is PCI-E 2.0 capable. Here is a pic of the core of G210.

gt218 nvida 40 nm -3

Another thing to be noticed here is the lack of support for Dx11. Nvidia Geforce 210 only supports Dx10.1 and Shader Model 4.1

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