Kingston And OCZ Say Elpida Hyper Memory Chips Are Fine

Few days ago Corsair announced that its going to stop using Elpida hyper memory chips in their Corsair Dominator GT and XMS3 series of DDR3 RAM’s as these RAM chips are unstable under certain conditions. Corsair also recalled the RAM’s which used Elpida hyper memory chips and were already sold. Corsair said that many users were reporting instability issuse’s at various online forums and this forced Corsair to check the stability of RAM’s based on Elpida Hyper memory and Corsair actually found these RAM’s to be unstable under certain condition and thus Corsair started recalling RAM’s based on the Elpida Memory Chips.

Today though, Kingston and OCZ reported that none of its users were reporting any kind of issuse’s with RAM’s using the Elpida Hyper memory chips but Kingston and OCZ did say that if any of its users are facing any stability issuse’s then they can RMA the RAM.

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