JVC Launches XS-SR3 Speakers for iPod/iPhone


JVC today launched its XS-SR3 speaker which is compatible with Apple’s iPod/iPhone. The speaker can hold the iPod/iPhone either in vertical or horizontal mode, so that you can enjoy your videos in widescreen. The JVC XS-SR3 comes with a 5W speaker, which according to JVC is enough to blow you away when you crank the volume level to the maximum. The retail package of the device also includes a remote. The speakers also feature two ports for audio input analog and digital. The speakers and the dock have a sleek design to match the glossy black color of the device. JVC also states that the speakers can alternatively be used a computer speaker system.

The device will be available from the end of this month and the retail price will be around 149.95 US$.

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Rajesh Pandey

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