Did Fusion Garage Sell Only 64 Units of JooJoo?

Whether Fusion Garage is a fraudulent entity or not is something the courts will have to decide. Nevertheless, they have now proved that they are at the very least dumber than dirt.

Apparently, Fusion Garage wanted to gather feedback from their entire customer base. So, they fired off the following mail to their customers:

Dear Sir and Madam,
Thank you for supporting JooJoo.
We hope to get your feedback about the JooJoo Tablet.
Please revert back to us want you think of our product.
Please drop us a line on how your JooJoo is working.

Thank you.


The trouble is that not only did their customer relations guy not know how to use a spell checker, but he was also oblivious to the purpose of the Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy) field. You can very well guess what happened next.


JooJoo Support dispatched the email using the CC field and in the process revealed the e-mail id of its entire user base.

As if this guffaw alone wasn’t embarrassing enough, it also revealed that Fusion Garage has managed to sell a grand total of 64 units. Yes, JooJoo has managed to do the seemingly impossible. It is faring even poorer than the rock bottom market expectations.

Update: Fusion Garage has denied that this e-mail represents their entire customer base. Apparently, this mail was intended for only a select group of customers. See the comments section for more information.

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  • Hello, I am with the Fusion Garage PR team and wanted to provide some information on this post. The email in question was sent by a temporary customer support employee to a select group of customers. These customers were selected for participation in an ongoing feedback program because they had previously contacted Fusion Garage with questions or suggestions. This list in no way reflects Fusion Garage’s entire customer base. Sales have continued to grow after the public release of the joojoo. We have taken the appropriate internal measures to ensure this type of situation does not happen again. Best, Megan

    • Thanks for the clarification. Updated the story.