iSlate Specifications Leaked?

Looks like there is a pretty good evidence that the specifications for , the tablet that Apple is working on has been leaked. The specifications suggest that the iSlate will definitely be a really good device and have a powerful processor and huge RAM.

Leaked iSlate Specifications

It also suggests that iSlate may come with a good deal of accessories, including something called as the iSlate SuperDrive, which is an external CD/DVD drive. As rumored earlier, the iSlate may not come with a 10.1" screen. It will come with a 7.1" widescreen display as earlier suggested.

Here are some of the specifications for the iSlate:

  • 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 3MB L2 Cache
  • 1066Mhz System Bus
  • 2GB 1066Mhz DDR3 SDRAM, can upgrade to 8GB
  • 120GB SATA HDD
  • iSight Camera
  • 7.1 inch display widescreen
  • Two USB Slots
  • Built in Networking and WiFi support. Will also support Bluetooth
  • Mac OS X Leopard v10.7

We cannot elaborate on whether these specifications are really true, and these specs may be totally fake. However, considering the above specs, we can certainly say that much of it would not be possible, but trust Apple to do the unthinkable. If the specs are really really true, this device will be a real killer. Now only if the screens were really 10.1".

Apple will be announcing the rumored iSlate later this month, you can expect a confirmation at that event.

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  • Looks like a fairly powerful machine, I don't expect it to sell below $1000-1200. Any guesses on the price?

  • DW

    The same picture was pulled from . All that is left is my comment, but no original article. Fuel to the fire, or is this a really suspect article.

    • @DW – Apple's golden child is secrecy, however, there have been leaks in the past too and many of them have turned out to be true. You could see a very similar config for the iSlate or something completely different. However, Apple could come up with a few modifications to the specs too.

      Considering the processor the device would sound impossible, but Apple has been able to pull in breakthrough technology and create slim laptops in the form of the Air series so it is really hard to discount anything at this stage.

      • DW

        The specs seem right, and I have to admit I'd love a tablet, especially as I cary around a laptop and iPhone everywhere. If it replaced both for general use (I work in audio and use TTS) then it would of great use to me.

        Gizmodo generally doesn’t pull articles, but might if it were just not vetted well. I bet they play well with Apple, as I would also.

        Certain things about the document don't look right. It is a talking point sheet, like Apple phone reps would see in a training meeting before launch, but it looks odd. "iSlate SuperDrive" is odd, why a separate product separate from the "MacBook Air SuperDrive". Apple generally capitalizes both words in "Multi-Touch" . The primary stamp/watermark seems odd, as this looks to be the kind of things given to sales staff. Also, pre-release items tend to have more covert watermarks, tiny bits of text missing, etc…

        The specs look good, and despite my thoughts I bet it is pretty accurate.

        On a truly cynical note it could also be Apple trying to track down a leak.

        Thanks for posting the document. I just hope that the tablet will be a reality and that I can afford it.

  • A webcam which is called iSight? Most probably a fake. But then, most of the Apple Tablet related speculation have been just that, speculation.
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  • jondesu

    OK, so does anyone really take these things seriously when they put stupid stuff like "Mac OS X Clouded Leopard 10.7" on the sheet? Not only is 10.7 18-24 months out most likely, but it will not, in a million years, be called "Clouded Leopard". The snow leopard is a real animal. A "clouded leopard" is the work of a twisted mind.