Did Apple Get the iPad Name Right?

Did Apple Get the iPad Name Right?

Let’s be honest, since Apple announced the earlier today, people have talked about it a lot, however, not much because of the features the device has, but because of it’s name. iPad has quickly become one of the biggest butt of Apple jokes across the Internet.

Take for example, just around the same time when the Apple Event was underway, iTampon started trending on after Steve Jobs officially announced the iPad. Not just that, every other person has been cracking up some joke about Apple’s “latest creation”, and have come up with names like iPill, iFail, iJokes and so on.

A lot of women are not happy with the name Apple chose for obvious reasons, which makes me wonder whether Apple did not have any women on the team that came up with the product name? Apple had certainly wanted to name the product iSlate initially, did the HP Slate name make them change their decision? Nevertheless, the product name Apple chose will definitely continue to be debated for a long time, just wish that had spend some more time into getting it right.

And if things could not get any rosier, Mad TV had predicted about the iPad being released by Apple quite sometime back, albeit the product was totally different. Watch the video below (mildly mature content).

What do you think? Is the iPad name something you like? Do you feel Apple could have done a better job at naming the product?

4 thoughts on “Did Apple Get the iPad Name Right?”

  1. They sure weren't thinking, I think they were looking at brand continuity with the lowercase "i" preceding the uppercase "P", same as iPhone & iPod. iPad is also very similar to iPod. I think they really didn't see the iTampon nickname coming! Hahahahah!

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