Intel Launches 34nm SSD's Sporting A Lower Price Tag

Intel has launched new SSD’s which uses 34nm flash NAND chips produced by IM technologies. 34nm flash chips were supposed to be go into production last year in november but due to some technical issue’s IM technologies could not mass produce 34nm flash chips, which Intel required so as to use the 34nm flash chips in their SSD’s.

Finally Intel is going to use 34nm flash chips in their SSD’s and thanks to these 34nm flash chips, the new SSD’s being launched by Intel will not only sport a lower price tag but will also provide better performance compared to their predecessor. Interestingly Intel is going to brand the 80 and 120gb version of there new SSD’s as X-25 which is same as their predecessor. There new SSD’s are going to cost 220$ in pieces of 1000 for the 80gb model. Intel has been ruling the SSD markets and now with the launch of 34nm SSD’s with a lower price tag, Intel surely has proved their supremacy in the SSD segment. When the X-25 lineup of SSD’s were orignally launched, they used to cost 995$. Intel is going to couple the 34nm flash chips with a 32nm flash controller for improved performance.

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