Intel Celeron Processors To Be Phased Out By Next Year

Long live Intel Celeron! Intel had first launched the Celeron brand in April 1998. The Celeron brand mainly consisted of budget CPUs. The first Celeron CPU was based on the Pentium II architecture. Even today, Intel sells quiteIntel Celeron a few budget oriented dual-core processors under the Celeron brand.

Now, Intel is going to pull the plug on the Celeron brand starting next year. DigiTimes reports that Intel has informed various notebook and PC manufacturers that they will replace the Celeron series with the Pentium and Atom N series processors. Intel is expected to launch new dual-core Atom N series processors by the third quarter of this year. The price point of these new Atom N series processors will be similar to the Celeron processors.

Intel is also expected to release new Celeron CPUs in September. Intel has not yet confirmed whether they intend to phase out the Celeron brand by 2011 or not.

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