Intel Announces “Pineview” Based Atom Processors

Netbooks have sold like hot cakes this year. Their small form factor, along with the extraAtom long battery life have made them a big hit among the consumers. The Intel Atom processor which is used by all the netbook manufacturers, has always been criticized for its poor performance, and on the other hand it has always been praised for its low power consumption. The Intel Atom processor is usually coupled with a 945 based chipset which consumes a lot of power. Intel have been working hard on this front and the result is Pineview.

The new processor has a DDR2 Memory controller, graphics processor integrated into its core which not only reduces the manufacturing cost, but also reduces the power consumption by a huge margin. The Pineview series of processor will be coupled with a brand new chipset as well the NM10 Express Chipset. The pineview processor and the NM10 Express chipset collectively form the PineTrail platform. The NM10 Express Chipset supports upto 8 USB 2.0 ports, and has 2x 32bit PCIe Slots along with Intel’s HD Audio.

The Intel Atom processor has fueled an entirely new category of computing over the last year and a half and we think the growth will continue for devices like netbooks and entry-level PCs built around basic computing and Internet usage models,said Mooly Eden, Intel’s   Corporate Vice President and the General Manager of Intel’s PC Client Group.

We’re excited to be delivering the next-generation Atom platform and working across the industry as we head into a second phase of growth, powering innovative new system designs with better performance, smaller footprints and better battery life,”

Intel announced 3 new Pineview based processors D410, D510 and N450. The D510 processor is a dual core one and has 1MB of L2 cache with a TDP of 15W, and are meant only for entry level desktop PCs. The D410 and the N450 processor are single core ones and have a L2 cache of 512KB. The D510 processor has a TDP of 12W (including the chipset) while the N450 has a TDP of 7W (Including the chipset). All the three processors run at 1.66GHz.

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