Intel and AMD Settle Their Disputes

Intel and AMD have not only been fighting in the Consumer Processor Market, they have also been fighting over various anti-trust issues which led to Intel being fined a whooping $1.45B by the EU. Just a few days ago, New York Attorneyintel-vs-amd-q3-earnings-q4-predictions-2 General Andrew Cuom also filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Intel saying “Rather than compete fairly, Intel used bribery and coercion to maintain a stranglehold on the market. Intel’s actions not only unfairly restricted potential competitors, but also hurt average consumers who were robbed of better products and lower prices.Now it seems that Intel and AMD are making amends and are trying to improve their relationship. Both the companies today entered into a 5 year cross license agreement and AMD also dropped all its lawsuits against Intel. Intel although, has to pay $1.25billion to AMD as a part of this settlement.

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer said Today, I am pleased to announce the last major component of that transformation in the form of a transparent and public agreement with Intel to create a level playing field in the x86 processor industry taking us one big step closer to achieving our bold vision.” Meyer also added “Today marks the beginning of a new era… one that confirms that the game has changed for AMD. It is an important milestone for us, for our customers, our partners, and most important for consumers and businesses worldwide. In addition, it represents the culmination many years of litigation and regulatory engagement.”

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