How I Fixed My HTC One X Broken Screen

The big heartbreak


It did not take me long to realize, that there is more to fixing a broken HTC One X screen than getting it to boot and getting the home screen. The touchscreen was not responding properly, and initially, I had doubts about my handiwork. However, after playing around a bit, I realized that something was wrong with the screen-replacement unit I had bought. I have replaced the faulty unit since, though the one I am using currently has started showing problems.

Moreover, notice how there is a black damp-spot on the screen from the image above. A larger damp spot is present on the new screen as well, and it refuses to go away.


This thread on the XDA forum suggests that most screen replacements available online neither match the quality of the original screen manufactured by HTC nor run smoothly.

A comment on the XDA forum says,

There have been a few threads about this. The consensus has been that only HTC can ever get the phone back to a presentable condition after trying to reinstall the glass. And I believe their cost is in the $200-$300 range. I don’t think I have seen a single report of a DIY replacement that worked out well. And several “professional” fixes that looked terrible. If you want the glass seated back flush with the phone and the capacitive buttons lined up right, I think your only option is HTC, and it is not cheap.

Follow thisthis and this topic on the XDA forum for more information on fixing broken screens. People are really upset with the weak build of this phone, and HTC needs to take care of this issue in their upcoming models.


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  • Man you got guts !!

  • It’s really nice think that now all the HTC are coming with in the warranty periods.. It means we can be return or replaced this device with in free cost..

  • JPinBJ77

    Thanks for the article but the pictures don’t display. Is there any way you could get the pictures to show again? Thanks. I want to try replacing my HTC One X screen but I need your pictures (and thanks for the great YT video).