How I Fixed My HTC One X Broken Screen

However, the touchscreen glass got a giant crack running from one side to another.


From the image, you can clearly see that the phone landed on one corner, and the hence the origin of the crack. However, what surprised me was that this flagship phone from HTC could not survive a simple waist-height drop.

The painful hunt for a replacement

I could not continue to use the phone with the broken glass. Although it was working fine, it never felt the same ever again. Next, I started the hunt for an HTC One X broken screen replacement. A few things to notice here — you will get two types of screen replacements: one with touchscreen + digitizer, and another one that has only the screen. The complete assembly (touchscreen + digitizer) costs nearly $90, whereas the screen alone costs around $40. Do not settle for anything else than a complete screen assembly because numerous people have failed, attempting to attach the new screen to the digitizer from their broken screens.

Most of the replacement parts are shipped from Shenzhen in China, and are of extremely low quality. You will have to be lucky to get one that works flawlessly, looks flawless and most importantly, is not damaged.

Getting down to business

I stay in India, and bought my touchscreen off EBay. The replacement screens looks quite different than the one that you will find on your phone. Mine did not have the smooth overflowing glass, but a beveled one.

4 thoughts on “How I Fixed My HTC One X Broken Screen”

  1. Thanks for the article but the pictures don’t display. Is there any way you could get the pictures to show again? Thanks. I want to try replacing my HTC One X screen but I need your pictures (and thanks for the great YT video).

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