How I Fixed My HTC One X Broken Screen

The HTC One X is pure bliss. Its design and look is orgasmic, the specs are mind-blowing and it is an awesome phone to own. It has turned some heads in the world of Android phones, and has been appreciated by everyone. Although it failed to bring HTC out of its misery, or compete with the heavy marketing of the Galaxy S3, HTC has its own fan base and the phone has been received well by HTC Fans and others as well.


All the goodness aside, the HTC One X comes without a fair piece of warning — it is a fragile piece of beauty. There are some videos of people banging their HTC One X on the table, some using it as a hammer while some others doing drop tests showing minimal damage. The banging and hammering videos are all fake, and the reality is that HTC One X has a brittle glass. The corning gorilla glass is scratch proof, but definitely not impact-proof.

How I ended up with a broken HTC One X

It was pretty simple actually. I was on my way to work, the phone was in my hand and I had my earphones on. The earphones were tangled with my ID card tag, one thing led to another and before I knew, the phone fell off my hand, landed on the ground and I could see the glass cracking up and a flash of sunlight reflecting from the fissure. Heartbroken, I picked up the phone to see everything was working just fine.

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