HTC Chrome OS Tablet To Use N-Trig Touchscreens

Google is reportedly working with HTC and Verizon to launch a Chrome OS tablet on November 26. It will have some great hardware specifications — it’s powered by the Nvidia Tegra 2 platform and comes with 2 GB RAM and a 32 GB SSD. It will have a 10.1 inch multitouch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G connectivity and GPS.

HTC Chrome OS Tablet

Today it was reported that HTC is working with an Israeli based startup, N-Trig to create multitouch enabled screens for its tablet. Microsoft had invested in N-trig for its multitouch display technology research during the development of the Microsoft Surface. N-trig’s Duosense capacitive touch technology allows you to use both pen input and finger based multitouch input.

Last week it was revealed that the latest beta of Chrome 6 has menus optimized for multitouch operations. All the rumors and leaks seem to indicate the same thing — that we may indeed see a Chrome OS tablet by the end of this year.

Check out more details about N-trig’s touchscreens here.

Source: Haaretz

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