HP To Release WebOS Tablet in Q1 2011

HP today confirmed that it will be launching a webOS tablet soon. Todd Bradley, Executive VP, HP’s Personal Systems Group, told employees that a webOS tablet would arrive in early 2011, but he officially declared it today in an investor call, in response to a question on whether tablets were hurting HP’s netbook sales.

HP webOS Tablet

HP acquired Palm earlier this year for $1.2 billion, primarily for webOS which it plans to use in its tablets, smartphones and netbooks.

They also plan to release a Microsoft Windows 7 tablet in the near future. While the webOS tablet will be aimed at consumers, the Windows 7 tablet will be aimed at enterprise users.

No other details are out yet, but we can expect them soon.

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  • I’ve been looking around websites, trying to get information about HP’s strategy with tablet pcs, they seem to have gone completely made. First they’re ditching WebOS then two of their executives come out with completed contradicting statements on their way forward. Buying Palm, to further develop WebOS, then after one tablet it says it’s discontinuing it? It’s not just HP that struggles in the tablet market, anything that’s not iOS or Android is doomed from the start, they just can’t get a foothold.
    My opinion is that Windows 8 will be a flop to, I just can’t see who will buy a tablet pc running it..