HP Slate will Run on Windows 7, Includes Kindle for PC

Over the course of the Steve Ballmer keynote, Steve took a minute or two to focus on the "Slate" tablet from HP and others. However, as it was earlier expected, this tablet is not going to run on Microsoft’s Courier. It will instead be powered by .




Some interesting facts about the HP Slate:

  • It will run on Windows 7
  • It will include Amazon Kindle for PC.
  • Users can download and read books from Amazon.
  • It will have a similar experience to Windows 7.
  • No Microsoft Courier on it.

There is not much information available about the specifications and cost, but according to Ballmer it will cost as much as a mobile phone. I assume he meant "unlocked" mobile phone, so rough guestimates say that it will be between the $500-$700 range.

We will keep you updated with more information about this device from future shows on .

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