HP Reveals TouchPad Pricing And Launch Dates

HP has officially revealed the launch date for the much awaited TouchPad tablet running webOS. Lucky folks in the U.S can expect it on July 1st, with a staggered release for the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Ireland in the near days after and Canada on the calendar for mid-July. The device will be available from the usual retailers (Best Buy, Staples and Walmart to name a few) and while there is no word on carriers picking it up immediately, HP did mention a partnership with AT&T to deliver a “connected” version later on in the summer – hopefully this means it will be 4G LTE compatible for faster data rates.

Although the previous rumor pegged the TouchPad in the $699 range, HP has also confirmed model pricing to be $499 for the 16GB version and $599 for the 32GB version. The TouchPad is expected to be shipping with the latest release of webOS, 3.0, which brings along Touch-to-Share with the Pre 3 or Veer smartphones – allowing users to simply place their phones on the display of the tablet to quickly pass along an open webpage.

At the heart of the TouchPad is webOS, a mobile platform written entirely with the “connected web” in mind. With multitasking, a flash capable browser and a growing ‘App Catalog’, HP is looking to fit into the tablet market somewhere between the Apple iPad 2 and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

For more information and official statement see HP Palm’s Official Blog for the press release and a full list of retailers.