HP “Hurricane” webOS Based Tablet Device Might be Launched In 3rd Quarter Of This Year

It was just a week ago that HP announced that it will acquire Palm for $1.2 billion. The acquisition of Palm has given HP control over arguably the best mobile phone operating system the webOS. HP even said that they planhp to “scale it (webOS) across multiple connected devices.” Everybody concluded that HP meant that they will launch a webOS based tablet device soon, and apparently everyone is right.

The Examiner reports that an insider at HPhas told them that HP is working on a webOS based tablet device. The tablet device will supposedly be released by the third quarter of this year. The code name of the tablet device is Hurricane. It looks like the holiday season of 2010 is surely going to be an awesome one, with the launch of so many tablet devices and WP7 based phones.

HP was earlier working on the HP Slate tablet running on Windows 7. Over the past week, many rumours cropped up that the HP Slate is now dead, and I think it is true. It won’t make any sense for HP to launch a Windows 7 based tablet device, instead of using the webOS from Palm.

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