How To Catch up iPad 3/iPad HD Event Online

In around 6-8 hours, depending on your time zone, Apple will announce the best tablet out there, iPad 3 or as the latest rumors have been calling it, the iPad HD.

The iPad 3/iPad HD is the first ever product that Apple is going to announce after the legendary Steve Jobs passed away. While the iPad is still the undisputed leader in the tablet market, the iPad 3 along with the next version of iOS have a very strong contender coming their way, Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Early reviews of Windows 8 suggests that the next major version of Windows might not be suited for PCs, but is perfect for tablets and other touch-screen operated PCs. The Metro UI does an excellent job of showing all the important info to the user by just glancing at the screen once, and the UI looks stellar and is touch-friendly as well.

The iPad 3/iPad HD is undoubtedly going to be the best performing tablet out there when Apple releases it. It will absolutely smoke all the Android tablets in performance, including the Asus Transformer Prime. The Retina Display screen will make users forget all the Super-AMOLED goodness they have been hearing from Samsung nowadays.

So yeah, chances are you must have become excited about the third-generation iPad by now. Apple will be announcing the iPad 3 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco at 10AM PST tonight. Sadly, until now Apple has only streamed one of their product launches online. This means that Apple won’t be streaming the iPad 3 event online, so if you are not present at the event physically, you are out luck…not!

Readers might be able to watch the live-stream from here. An audio stream might also be available from here. Alternatively, if the live-stream links don’t work then users can resort to following the live blogs of The Verge, gdgt and Mac Rumors.

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