Honda U3-X Omnidirectional Unicycle: You’d Want One Before You Die


We have seen Honda release weird products, cool products, awesome products and products which remain concepts. But products like the Honda U3-X make you long for the time when concepts will be commodified.

You may call it strange to look at at, but every uber cool thing seems strange at first. The Honda U3-X has just one wheel and has a ¬†foldable ¬†seat on that top that fits into the eight shaperound shaped hollow. The device or vehicle is balanced like you’d balance a cycle, it moves where you lean and can turn in any direction.

If it ever gets commercialized, it will probably change the entire office interior landscape. Stairs will be RIP and ramps will be all that you see. Moreover, it has a high success potential for domestic households. Going from your desktop to the kitchen to get a drink would be just a lean away, though don’t even think of going to pee on it for it doesn’t have those disposable pee-bags that astronauts have (yet!)

Anyway, see it to believe it. Video in action:

And one more, if you please

Thanks Danny Choo

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