Hackintosh – Worth it?

First if all, for the starters here is an introduction to Hackintosh –

What is Hackintosh?

Running a Mac OS X by hacking into its driver base and making some changes to it so as to run it on a non-Apple branded computer is termed as Hackintosh.

Is It Illegal?

Yes! Definitely! As I wrote earlier, if you install Mac OS X on a non-branded Apple Computer it is termed as illegal.

If it’s illegal Why Would Anyone Try It?

People who desperately want to try out Mac OS X and/or are not able to buy an Apple branded computer due to its high price would give Hackintosh a try. It may happen that you need to try out Mac OS X before thinking of making a complete shift to it.

What Are The Problems With To Hackintosh??

Beside From the Hardware Incompatibilities, even if you somehow install Mac OS X you may face system instability or your Sound/Display/Wireless Network Card won’t work properly. Usually there are kextsavailable which help you get your incompatiblie driver working with Mac so it’s not much of a problem. Usually the preferred Hardware for installing Hackintosh is an Intel Core 2 Duo along with an Intel or nVidia chipset based motherboard and SATA HDD and SATA Optical Drive. IDE Drivers were earlier not supported by the Hackintosh but the latest version of Hackintosh does includes a few basic IDE drivers, same thing stands true for PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse.

Few people even launch Hackintosh version which are compatible with AMD based system’s but whether they work or not is totally erratic.

Is Installing Hackintosh Really Useful And Worth The trouble??

In my opinion, No its not worth installing Hackintosh on a normal computer since sometimes even if you have compatible hardware even then also you may face a lot of problems.

Another Option if someone wants to run Mac OS X on his computer will be to buy the EFI-X chip for 120$ and then buy a retail DVD of Mac OS X and install it on your computer. Though before buying the EFI-X chip you must make sure that your Hardware is compatible with it. The Hardware Compatibility even with the EFI-X chip is limited to a certain extent. I would also like to tell that I can’t tell you people from where to download the different version of Hackintosh since its illegal. In the end if you would like to install Hackintosh on your Computer and want to make sure whether your Hardware is compatible with Mac OS X or not, please check this wiki on Hackintosh Hardware.

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  • I remember seeing iatkos buids with drivers specifically for my lappy (dell inspiron 1520) and being extremely tempted. But then decided against it as I can’t really donate 10-15gb for a test OS.

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