Graphics Card Market To Shrink This Year

Thanks to a global recession, analysts have predicted that the global graphics card market will shrink by 12% this year. The graphics market has evolved a lot thanks to recession and the high degree of competition between ATi and Nvidia. ATi understood the needs of the consumer and came out with killer graphics card like the HD 4850, 4870 and HD4770 which provides stellar performance at killer prices. Thanks to ATi, Nvidia also had to reduce the prices of their graphics card because at their origock price the Nvidia cards were totally triumphed by their ATi counterparts.
The whole of computer industry has seen declining sales figure thanks to the recession so the graphics card market is no exception. Analysts though have also predicted that next year the graphics card market will grow by 21% so the effect of the recession will go by next year. The total shipments of graphics card did increase in Q2 this year but that is still not enough to manage an overall market growth this year.

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