Game Booster – Extract That Extra FPS.

Many people here who own a slightly outdated rig definitely crib how the latest games lag on their PC. People who know overclocking, overclock their CPU’s and GPU so as to extract the maximum potential out of their PC components but still for people who want to squeeze out the maximum performance possible I would suggest you people to try out Game Booster. Game Booster is basically a software which disables all the useless services which your PC will not use while you game. Game Booster works both under Windows XP and Windows Vista. Game Booster weighs in at only 821KB which is a boon for dial-up users and is also a Freeware.


As you can see from the above screenshot Game Booster shows you the name of the services which its going to disable and even shows the current status of that service. The best part which I really liked about this software was the Switch to Gaming Mode!” option. When you click on it, all the useless services are disabled and the Switch to Gaming Mode!option changes to Switch Off Gaming Mode!which basically means once you have played the game you want to you can restore all the irrelevant services back to their original state. Talking about the performance of this software from my personal point of view, I would say that this software is useful for older PC’s but the impact it has on the gaming performance on newer Computer’s is negligible. Still I will say there is no harm in trying out this software, go download Game Booster from here.

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