Easily Compare The Latest Cameras With Snapsort

Buying a new camera is like deciding on a single chocolate when you have a bag full of one from every brand. Just like cocoa, sugar, taste, almonds spoil you for choice, so does ISO, shutter speed, aperture, lenses, megapixels and other camera jargon. Snapsort helps you sort your snapping equipment. It helps you compare different models and gives recommendations on what camera you should buy.

Snapsort is build in such a way, that it functions as a rating site as well as a guide. Every camera is given a score, depending on what camera you compare it with. You can browse cameras by type (say, point and shoots, DSLRs, ultra zooms etc.), features, brands and various other parameters. Based on scores, there are also lists of  popular brands, top digicams, top super zooms, top entry-level DSLRs and so on. Another great feature provided by Snapsort is Just tell me!where you enter a price, say like $300 on a point and shoot, and it lists out cameras under that range, neatly categorized into different utilities, like Best compact for under $300and Best travel under $300


Snapsort is certainly a site you should keep in mind if you’re on the hunt for a new camera, a new camera that you’re gonna like.

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Keshav Khera

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