Details About ATI's Dx11 Graphics Card Surface

ATi had demonstrated their Dx11 based Graphics Card during the Computex Show in Taipei in early June this year. After that ATi has been keeping mum on their Dx11 supporting, RV8xx core based graphics card. Today HKEPC posted some information about the upcoming graphics card from ATi and if they are to be believed, then ATi is going to name their Dx11 series of Graphics card on "Evergreen Trees" namely – Cypress, Juniper, Redwood, Cedar, and Hemlock.

Cypress is going to be the high-end dual chip graphics card based on the RV870 core while Juniper is going to be the single chip mainstream performance card. All this information has still not been confirmed by any AMD/ATi official so please take this info with a pinch of salt. We will try to update our readers about this as soon as possible

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