Dell Streak 7 Android Tablet Coming at CES 2011

Dell is apparently planning to showcase a new 7 inch Android tablet at CES 2011. It will be called the Dell Streak 7. It will be a bigger, better version of the Dell Streak and will compete with the Galaxy Tab by Samsung and the Motorola Android tablet which will be launched at CES too.

It will run Android 2.2 Froyo and comes with the Stage UI, the same as the original Streak, but with some improvements.

The guys at Engadget have gotten their hands at some promotional material for the Dell Streak, the treatment of its television commercial, which seems to quite interesting.

Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7

Head over to Engadget for the full scoop.

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  • for some weird reason, I luv the UI that Dell is using on Dell Streak ppcs n Dell Streak 7 tablet…

  • mgk

    Streak 7 is big misstake ! Why Dell ??? WHY listen to sly, evil “experts”??
    Big tablets are not ready to replace lap-tops! And for hard job QWERTY keyboard is still a must.
    Streak 5 is the big winer. People will soon undestand that ! Nobody will carry whole day smart(phone) and tablet . And 3.5 inches smartphones for browsing are terrible! The answer for that is Streak 5 ! What must be size of tablet to fit your pocket? 5 inches . What must be maximum size of smartphone to fit your pocket? 5 inches. And you need everything to be there , ALL-IN-ONE. That’s “the worst” Dell Streak! It is “worst” for many companies because it kills many products: phones, smartphones and tablets! Everyone will have soon 5” device in the pocket whole day! I can bet on it with all the “experts”! And if the people need sometimes to carry also someting bigger, it wil be not “best” handycuppt IPad , but sleek and light laptop for harder job. ( or cheap, light reader- if much reading)