Dell launches Studio 14z Series of Notebook

Dell Studio 14z NotebookDell Studio 14z NotebookDell Studio 14z NotebookEven though the Netbook market is expanding rapidly Dell still thinks that there is a market for notebooks especially for those which carry a low price tag. Dell today launched the Studio 14z series of Notebook, which are thin, and offer are decently spec’ed. Prices start from 649$, which is quite good. The Notebook comes with a 14.1CCFL/W-LED (Optional) Screen, 1.3MP Cam and Wi-Fi and 8 USB Ports. A Nvidia 9400M handles the graphics department of the notebook. Surprisingly there is no Memory Card Reader and Bluetooth available by default, though you can get an Express Slot Card Reader and Bluetooth when/if you customize the notebook to your liking. Oh and yes there is no Inbuilt Optical drive though an external Blu-Ray drive is optional.

You can also increase the Hard Disk Capacity to a maximum of 500GB, which sounds useful for data storage purposes. The Laptop by default comes with a 6 Cell Battery which can be upgraded to an 8 Cell one, which will give you a battery backup of more than 6 hours if you couple it with the W-LED Screen. The Notebook is also quite slim its thickness varies from 0.79′ inch to 1.2′ inch.Dell Studio 14z Notebooks also tend to become the first consumer notebooks to offer FailSafe Theft Prevention Option. This feature protects the data present on the laptop when its gets stolen by allowing the files to be deleted when the notebook is connected to the internet.

The Notebook is currently available in 6 color’s and there is a 5$ Donation done by Dell each time someone order’s a Pink Colored notebook to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, which sounds right as Pink is the Symbolic Color of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

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