Dell kills the XPS series of laptops, launches new Alienware M17x Notebook
By on May 29th, 2009

Last Year when Dell acquired Alienware it said that it won’t be killing the XPS line-up, but contradictory to their statement, Dell today finally killed the XPS line-up as far its related to powerful gaming notebooks, and also announced the All PowerfulAlienware M17x laptop which lives up to its tagline of All Powerful. The base configuration of the notebook features a GTX260M which can be 28-alienware-in1upgraded to Dual GTX280M for some serious gaming horsepower. The notebook by default comes with an Nvidia 9400M G1 GPU which takes advantage of the Hybrid Power technology and helps in providing better battery life. Essentially it means that the notebook switches to 9400M G1 instead of the Monster’s Mobile GPU when are not doing any GPU intensive task. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Processor for this notebook with options ranging from Core 2 Duo to Core 2 Quad Extreme. You can also increase the RAM of the notebook to a maximum of 8GB.
A 1TB HDD or a 512MB SSD available in Raid 0/1 handles all your storage need. The inbuilt slot-loading Optical Drive also comes with a Blu-Ray option. There is no lack of Connectivity as the Notebook offers Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Ports, FireWire, eSata, Express Card Slot, and finally a memory card reader. Also by now you must have guessed it, the notebook comes with a 17screen having a resolution of 1900*1200 and a 9 Cell battery is nothing but a necessity to power this beast. Typical of Alienware, the notebook sports led lights for the extra bling.

Oh! And the base price of the machine is 1799$ and fully loaded notebook may cost twice or thrice of the base machine price.

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