DataJack brings Unlimited Broadband – all for 39$


DataJack has started a new plan – pay $39 and get a “truly unlimited broadband” experience. Unlimited in the sense that there’s no 5GB limit as in some others. Just buy the USB modem for $99 and start surfing. There are some added bonuses as well.

The company has stated:

Yes, DataJack Service is truly unlimited. You can leave it connected to the Internet 24 hours a day and not worry about any overage charges.

DataJack operates over a GSM network and operates on 850/1900/2100/AWSwith upload speed up to 5.76Mbps and downloads up to 7.2Mbps. Once installed, the DataJack USB automatically connects to the 3G network. You’ll notice a 3G indicator on your Connection manager screen. If 3G is not available then you will still be in service with Edge or 2.5G service. If the Edge network is not available, the DataJack will search for local Wi-Fi networks.

Their are many extras with it though:

  • no early termination fees
  • no deposits
  • no credit check
  • can be used as USB mass storage as well
  • 12 consecutive months of usage leads to a free month

It’s really nice and all but you should check out the following options as well:

It should be noted that DataJack operates over T-Mobile’s 3G network. T-Mobile is NOT cheap. I’d suggest lying back a few more days to assess this plan before buying it.

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Arnaw Kumar

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