Cravendale Jug Tells You Whether The Milk Is Fresh Or Not

There is nothing like having a glass of fresh milk in the morning. But many times instead of fresh milk, you are served a glass of milk which has turned sour. The guys at Cravendalestainless milk jug Research and Development have created a special magicjug which alerts its users when the milk poured in the jug is sour. The jug has a small LCD screen on its exterior which tells the user about the state of the milk. The jug also has an alarm system which alerts the user when the milk has turned sour. The jug contains a unique PH sensor at its base which measures the acidity of the milk. The result is then displayed on the LCD screen of the jug.

Cravendale has launched a commitment to British consumers that we will protect them against sour milk and ensure fresh milk every day. Our milk stays fresh for up to 21 days unopened so the milk jug takes our mission one step further! Our unique milk jug takes the guess work out of determining when your milk has soured which we believe should help reduce dairy wastage. said Sam Dolan, Cravendale Brand Manager

The folks at Cravendale say that by using this magicjug people can save up to 100,000 tones of milk wastage. Read more about this magicjug from Cravendale here.

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