CPU Shipments Increase in Q2, 2009

It seems that the effect of recession is finally fading away. CPU shipments have increased in Q2 of 2009. Intel reported a 12% increase in shipments compared to Q1 while AMD reported 1.8% increase in its Processor Shipments. In Q2, the demand for CPU grew by 10% but surprisingly there was no increase in the demand for computers. Intel held the maximum market share – 79% while AMD came a distant 2nd at 21%. AMD reportedly lost around 1.5%intel-vs-amd-q3-earnings-q4-predictions-2 of the market share this quarter. The overall shipments of CPU declined by over 15% compared to Q2, 2008. It was reported that even VIA, the 3rd CPU manufacturer, was also able to gain a bit of market share. 

It is interesting to note that Intel Atom processors accounted for 8% of Intel total sales, which means that out of every 4 CPU’s sold by Intel, at least one CPU was an Atom based. It seems that Intel were right when they predicted in Q1, 2009 that the Computer Industry has reached its bottom. 

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