Corsair HX750W And HX850W Are 80Plus Gold Certified Now

Recently Corsair had announced 2 new Modular PSU’s namely the HX750W and the HX850W. All the Corsair PSU’s are usually 80Plus Silver Certified but these 2 newly launched PSU’s are special because both these PSU’s are 80Plus Gold Certified instead of the usual 80Plus Silver Rating. The TX750W which is a non-modular PSU failed to meet this standard but itsCorsairLogo-Stacked-RGB modular sibling i.e. the HX750W met the requirements for being certified as an 80Plus Gold PSU easily. Techpowrup says To qualify for this rating, a PSU must provide an output efficiency of at least 87% at 20% load, 90% at 50% load, and 87% at 100% load. At these levels of load, the efficiency of HX750W was measured 88.04%, 90.02%, and 87.04% respectively, while those of the HX850W were 89.14%, 90.38%, and 87.06%

The Corsair HX750W and the HX850W are the first ever PSU’s made by Corsair to be certified as an 80Plus Gold SMPS. Corsair are known to make quality products and their SMPS/PSU’s line up are no different. How much they trust their products can be seen from the warranty which they provide on their products. The Corsair HX750W and the HX850W, both carry a warranty of 5 years. We should remember that even though these SMPS from Corsair are costly they are very good. We should never buy Cheap SMPS as it may lead to your PC not functioning properly and it may happen that the PSU may die under heavy load and may take along with it a few of your PC’s Components.

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