Create An iPod AudioBook From Multiple MP3 Files

If you have ever tried to download a free audio book, you will know that it is usually split into multiple MP3 files; and even though you can import these multiple MP3 files into your iTunes, it ruins all the fun. You have to switch from one file to another and you always have to remember where you stopped. But, now you can get all the cool features of the ipod audio book format by merging multiple mp3 files together and creating an iPod compatible audio b0ok.

To do so, simply download this free converter, choose the files you want to merge and click submit. It will take a few minutes but will provide you with a single audio book file for seamless listening.  You would no longer have to remember which file you stopped on because when listening to an audio book, iPod automatically remembers your last position.

You can also use this to convert each MP3 file into a separate audiobook file. During the conversion, you will be opted to add tags to the file such as author name, genre e.t.c.

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