iPad 2 Goes on Sale Online

As promised Apple has now gone ahead with the sale of on it’s online store. Users can purchase the 2 by visiting http://store.apple.com

Buy iPad 2

Users can purchase the Wi-Fi or 3G device from the store starting at $499 and above. You can purchase both the black as well as the white iPad 2. However, shipping of the product will take 2-3 weeks so you might receive the iPad 2 late March or early April.

You can get a iPad 2 3G version with a contract with either AT&T or Verizon. Additionally you can also buy accessories for the iPad online. Online orders for the iPad 2 are limited to 2, you can also buy the iPad 2 in stores later today evening.

So are you going to buy an iPad 2? Do let me know if you would.

One thought on “iPad 2 Goes on Sale Online”

  1. I would love to buy an iPad 2, but I live in colombia so no shipping and I’m low on money so i would have to get a 32 wifi one maximum and my dad hates apple so he wouldn’t let me anyway, at most i would end up getting a xoom.

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