Blackberry Tablet to Run QNX OS, Not Blackberry OS 6

Blackberry TabletWhen rumors of the upcoming Blackberry tablet — the BlackPad surfaced, everyone assumed that it would run on a version of the new Blackberry OS 6.0, which powers the latest range of Blackberry phones.

However, Bloomberg and many sources are now reporting that Research in Motion may be planning to use an altogether new tablet OS for the BlackPad, not the Blackberry 6 OS.

In April 2010, RIM acquired QNX Software Systems for about $200 million. QNX creates operating systems for embedded systems which run on multiple architectures like ARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SH and x86. There are many software developers that already develop software for QNX.

Experts say that it may be much faster and simpler to use the QNX OS for the BlackPad, than use the Blackberry 6 OS which still includes legacy code from the older OS versions.

The BlackPad will offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also connect to your Blackberry via Bluetooth and browse the web using its 3G data connection. It is expected to have a 9.7 inch display and will be priced at around $499. Check out our earlier post for more details on the Blackberry Tablet.

Source: Bloomberg

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