BGR: Next Generation iPhone With “Radical New Case Design”

iPhone 5 Mockup (This Is My Next)

According to BGR, a reliable source tells them that the next-generation will offer a new form factor,  bringing a “radical new case design” for the iPhone. In addition, the source says that  Apple may be preparing for an event in early or mid August to introduce the next iPhone, and will become  available in the last week of August.

While Apple has indeed been giving some developers access to a device known as the iPhone 4S — an iPhone 4 with upgraded internals — BGR has independently confirmed that the next-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone 4 as had been previously rumored. We have been told by a reliable source to expect a radical new case design for the upcoming iPhone. We have not been given any additional details surrounding the design of the new iPhone case, though.

This new report from BGR does contradicts a number of other reports suggesting that the next-gen iPhone will be nearly identical to the iPhone 4, with improvements mainly to the internals of the device. Also, the other reports have suggested  that the next-gen iPhone won’t appear until the September-October timeframe.

In the past, BGR has reported accurately on  Apple’s iOS updates and offered some accurate information regarding Apple’s retail store operations. However,  the site has been less accurate with other recent claims.

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